Assurance Cum Pension Plan 

One day the old man has to reach the unknowingness of the mind beyond the working days of human youth. Then the regular income is closed. Many become dependent on this child. But in retirement, everyone wants the certainty of having a quiet, peaceful day. But due to lack of money, the dream of a relaxed and peaceful day disappears. In the face of this unwanted crisis and the fact of life NRB Global Life Insurance has launched this pension insurance plan.
(1) Ensuring lifetime pension from the start of pension benefits.    
(2) On survival to the end of maturity the policy holder will receive annual pension stated in the policy document for a guaranteed period of ten years and as long as he or she is alive thereafter.
(3) In case of death before the maturity of the policy the nominee of the policy holder will receive ten times the amount of annual pension.
(4) Income tax concession can be found on premium given under this scheme. Insurance claim money is also income tax free.
  1. This plan has the benefit of supplementary cover of ADB & PDAB.
  2. The age of retirement of policy holders will be 50 to 60 years.

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