Hajj Bima​​​​​

Hajj is obligatory for every competent Muslim. For this reason, NRB Global life insurance willingness to perform holy Hajj in order to keep the financial ability as well as physical well being, NRB Global life insurance co. has launched a scheme called Hajj Bima to fulfill the desires of Muslim people  of Hajj under the Takaful project.
It will be governed solely by the Shariah consensus based on the Mudarabah policy in the Takaful life insurance system. Deposits earned under this policy will be invested in accordance with Islamic Shariah. In this plan, you will decide the term of the policy by deciding which year you will perform Hajj. But it will be between 10 and 30 years.
  1. In this plan the policy holder will receive full sum assured together with accrued bonus on maturity at the end of the term. And if the policy holder dies within the term of the policy, the nominee of the policy holder will receive full sum assured with bonuses accured up to the date of his/her death. In case of payment, the company will follow the Mudarabah policy approved by the Shariah Board. In case of payment of death of the policy holder, the claim is to be paid to the nominee selected by the policy holder. Provided that in case of any problem in payment of money, heirs will be provided according to Muslim Faraz low.
  2.  The minimum term of Hajj plan is 10 years.
In this plan the minimum entry age of the policy holder is 18/20 years & maximum 55 years.


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