Denmohar Bima

Marriage is one of the most important tasks of the Muslims. Almighty Allah orders that men or husbands attain the rights of their wives during their marriage that is Denmohor paid it. But in our society nowadays, in most cases the dept consolidated during the marriage is unpaid or half-paid. But married men and parents will not be able to escape sin unless the money is paid to the wife, NRB Global Life insurance co. has launched Denmohor scheme to get rid of this sin.
1.  At the end of the life term of the insured, the full sum assured will be paid along with the profits earned in the Mudarabah system according to Islam Shariah.
2.  The full sum assured is paid to his wife as well as the nominee along with the profits earned till the day of death on the premature death of the insured.
3.  This plan has the benefit of taking out supplementary cover.
Income tax concession can be found on premium given under this scheme. Insurance claim money is also income tax free.
        1.  In this plan the nominee can only be the policy holder’s wife.
        2.  The unmarried person may nominee a wife that these terms have insurable interest after the marriage in the future.


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